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Creation - Reposition - Operation

Whenever an owner or investor identifies a new opportunity for a hotel development, they must translate their vision into reality. This process is essential for creating a hotel that can generate a satisfactory return on investment. Meritas provides a comprehensive pre-opening service for Hotels or Resorts, which involves a thorough understanding of the investment proposition and the development of a business plan for the proposed hotel. The Meritas Group of Hotels & Resorts offers detailed concept plans that serve as a reference point for the architects and designers, highlighting the standards of quality required for the hotel to achieve its financial objectives.

Hotel Management & Operations: Pre-opening

Our team of skilled and experienced professionals oversees the day-to-day management of hotels, providing a range of services that include

Hotel Management & Operations: Post-opening

Our team of qualified and experienced professionals manages and supervises the day-to-day operations of hotels. We provide a range of services that include

Franchise Contract

By choosing to operate your hotels directly under one of our brand names, you can leverage The Meritas Group of Hotels & Resorts’ expertise and services. As a franchisee, you will pay a fee to The Meritas Group of Hotels & Resorts, and your hotel will benefit from the strong recognition of our brand by joining our network.

Our marketing team will assist you in attracting new customers with worldwide sales strategies that consider customer segments and market dynamics. We use the most effective media tools and platforms to help you achieve your goals.

Your hotel will also benefit from our efficient central reservations system, which is utilized by all hotels operating under our brand. In addition, your hotel becomes a part of a worldwide loyalty program that can enhance customer retention.

Finally, our unmatched selection of suppliers and products guarantees the best deals in quality, price, and delivery. By choosing to work with us, you can benefit from our strong relationships with suppliers and access to a wide range of products.

Management Contract

At the Meritas Group of Hotels & Resorts, we offer comprehensive hotel management services that leverage our operational expertise and brand recognition to enhance the value and profitability of your property over the long term. We charge a management fee based on revenue and operational profits.

Our marketing team assists with worldwide sales strategies that attract new customers and understand customer segments and market dynamics using effective media tools and platforms. Your hotel benefits from our efficient central reservations system, and we have an unmatched selection of suppliers and products that guarantee the best deals in quality, price, and delivery.

We acquire extensive knowledge of hotel operations, including the implementation and monitoring of suitable operating procedures, regardless of the type of contract. Our priority is to maintain a strong, efficient, and long-term relationship with you and to increase your profit margin by reducing operational costs and optimizing your investment. In addition to the benefits outlined under each contract, partnering with us ensures:

  1. Access to a whole array of skills and expertise acquired through years of experience in the hotel industry.
  2. Profit margin optimization through reducing operational costs.
  3. Proficiency with the technological tools required to operate the business.
  4. Efficient human resource management, including hiring, employee and staff training to achieve operational excellence.
  5. Assistance with marketing, sales operations, accounting, finance, cost controlling, and policy and procedure implementation.
  6. Access to a full range of services and tools, along with close support from experts in daily operational matters.
  7. The ability to attract and maintain customer loyalty.
  8. Our commitment for raising service standards to international levels.
  9. Maintaining a good percentage of occupancy in the hotel throughout the year.
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